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Sakani residential contracting

Extensive experience to achieve the Kingdom’s Vision 2030

Introduction :

When you take a bird’s-eye view of a city in the world, you get a first impression of it It took place according to what was stated in pavilions and buildings, extended bridges, the spirit of facilities, spacious gardens, towers and infrastructure .. Through that overview, you can easily discern the size of the civil renaissance, and the extent of progress and prosperity that this city has reached. Contracting in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is one of the most important activities that It works to achieve the vision of the Kingdom 2030 and to carry out projects by completing them at the highest levels of progress and benefit to the citizen, resident and visitor.

General Manager's Speech

I firmly believe that if we can achieve a place in the hearts and minds of our customers As a provider of innovative and high-quality effective integrated solutions we will have the ability to realize many dreams The company is committed to the highest quality levels in all our work Our customers testify to this, we are proud of our position And we got satisfaction rates that exceeded their expectations in terms of quality of work Looking forward to maintaining good reputation, focus and highlight ,For our achievements and success in complying with the high-level capabilities and implementation of our company
We invest in efficiency by applying the best prevailing practices with a focus on the development of human resources And modern technologies to maintain leadership in the labor market This is the vision that we have been providing to our customers over the past years . This is the promise we can make in the future
Accept with all due respect

General Director
Yaser Obid

OUR Vision :

The Ideal Residential Contracting
Company, which was established since 2015 and has been accredited by the Saudi Contractors Authority, is one of the first companies that contribute to the realization of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 with its national and foreign
expertise in the field of contracting, real estate development and infrastructure

Future goals :

That the company be a positive model in the general construction work of residential and commercial buildings and urban development in general, and that it reaches the summit of ambition and confidence among customers, but rather precedes their aspirations and requirements in all fields And to meet the needs of customers with the renewal and presentation of distinguished products, and to reach the company a prominent position locally and regionally

OUR Mission :

For the Company to be a distinguished reference model in real estate development with pivotal solutions, locally and regionally, and to maintain leadership and originality and precede the aspirations of its customers in the level of its services, satisfy its shareholders, and promote and develop its society.

Our services :

Building finishes and renovations
Infrastructure and extensions works
Stone work in the gardens
Exterior and interior design
Projects implemented
Work in progress
Subcontracting projects

Sakani residential contracting Extensive experience to achieve the Kingdom’s Vision 2030

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