Our services:


It includes construction work for residential and commercial buildings, schools and other public buildings in accordance with the new Saudi Building Code. We also provide full studies for construction and architectural plans, with full commitment to applying the highest approved quality standards.

Building finishes and renovations:

We adopt the best interior and exterior finishing materials from accredited suppliers inside and outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and we implement them according to the highest quality standards, while conducting all the necessary tests and following up the work stages to ensure the implementation of projects to reach the conditions and requirements of customers as we and from our experience in that we have completed many electromechanical projects Painting works and installing marble and porcelain in the projects of the Ministry of Housing’s villas and many private villas

Infrastructure and extensions works:

Implementation and delivery of multidisciplinary infrastructure works that comply with local and international standards and specifications. These include multiple businesses. .The majors are usually road works. and wet networks. Storm drainage. and waste water. Lord’s water and irrigation networks. and dry grids low voltage power. medium voltage, street lighting and remote communications. All this is in addition to the unusual facilities such as liquefied petroleum gas networks, reclaimed water networks, and smart cities.

Stone work in the gardens:

Among the most important of our current and future services is the contribution to the recreational projects that have been approved in Vision 2030 and one of the most important existing projects is the Malik Abdullah International Gardens project in Riyadh, where we and our experience in the field of various stone cladding works have carried out many of these works and we are still contributing to many works of cladding Stone for fences, layer works and stone landscapes to contribute to the completion of the project with our partners with the highest specifications and the fastest time.

Exterior and interior design

Exterior and interior design is one of the fields of engineering that connects architecture and functional needs in the exterior facades, furnishing and interior decorations for all projects, including furniture distribution schemes, color coordination, marble and porcelain distributions and shapes, window sizes and doors, with complete coordination of the site in the easiest ways and the latest models.

The most important projects

Residential villas construction project in Al-Mashreqia Villas Complex affiliated to the Ministry of Housing

A project for the construction of a private residential villa complex in the city of Riyadh

Water Network Extensions Project in Diriyah Gate

Stone cladding and stone works in Malik Abdullah International Gardens

Painting and electromechanical works for residential villas in Shams Al Diyar Villas Complex affiliated to the Ministry of Housing

Supply and installation of marble and porcelain in private villas belonging to the National Dialogue Center in Riyadh

The bone construction works of the Sheikh Abdullah Al-Rashed Mosque in
Al-Qassim with the residence of the imam and the muezzin.

Sakani residential contracting Extensive experience to achieve the Kingdom’s Vision 2030

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